Amal & Nadim Makarem

صدق من قال: "اولادكم ليسوا لكم انما هم اولاد الحياة."                                                                                   

يأتي اولادنا الى الحياة فنغمرهم بالمحبة والعطف والحنان،

نمنحهم القدر المستطاع من المعرفة والاخلاق والسلوك الحسن.

انهم كالنبتة التي تزرعها وتعتني بها وتتركها تنمو وتكبر فتزهر وتنضج وتثمر.

هلا ابنة البيئة التي عاشت وترعرعت وتأثرت بها لتصل الى ما هي عليه ا لآن.

انها رحلتها في هذه الحياة، مليئة بالمشاعر والاحاسيس و المعرفة.

معرفة الذات ...

عندما تقرأ خواطرها تتأثر وتتفاعل مع عمق افكارها وفلسفتها للحياة والاجتماع.

رحلتها مستمرة ولكل فرد منا رحلته في هذه الحياة.


we are really blessed to be your parents and

to have accompanied you in this journey

so far ...


Shireen Maluf

في كلمات هلا مكارم ثورة وجدانية

تجوب في صدى أحرفها حقيقة الكيان

تنجلي على واقع أرض متجددة في رؤيا توحيد الخلق والحق


  Dr Shireen Maluf - Author of Highway 11 to Eternity 

Maysan Marouf

Hala is a lover of movement, roaming the lands of our ancestors, watching the surrounding nature and the skies above, dancing change into the Earth, or masterfully weaving beautiful stories. she also appreciates stillness and Being-ness. the tapestry of life is colorful and words, drawings, pictures, sounds and rhythms are some of the tools she uses to craft her art.

ever sensitive to the changing flow of life, Hala is like an instrument, elegantly, constantly and finely self-tuning to the energies within and around her, breathing it all in. one of her key words is integration and she encourages taking the necessary time to letting all aspects of change sink in on an individual and global level, so that we can spiral up the stairway of our evolution, even if the process can be painful. we clear the old dusty cobwebs to weave and reveal sparkly new ones.


Maysan Marouf - Editor of the Story of the Book

I am simply honored and grateful to have Hala in my life and to have the chance to see the world through her eyes. I consider her not a only a friend but also a sister and even a mentor. I have truly grown by being in touch with her and her treasures! may the reflections of this publication reach many and inspire them to go on their own journeys.....


Ghenwa Achi

When I first read Hala’s book, I realised that it’s neither meant to be argumentative nor emotional. I acknowledged her difficult task of catching and communicating her multi-dimensional spiritual experience into words that can never really say it all. From there on I sailed with Hala in the purpose of maintaining a correct way of articulating what she meant while staying faithful to the content with all its layers and intricacies. Besides that, I enjoyed the book, I appreciated meeting more of Hala and who she is, I could relate to some pieces and rather investigate about others, and above all, I was invited into an inspirational world so expressive of Hala the individual woman yet so connected to the roots that hold us all.

Ghenwa Achi - Linguistic Editor of the Arabic Text of the Book


Meet Hala

Hala Makarem Photo Hala Makarem Photo Hala is a Creative Leadership Guide, Mother, Connector and Author. She creates space for soulful expression, designs generative dialogue processes, and weaves words and images, bringing collective stories to life. Hala has a deep affinity to the power of place. She is the initiator of nSite – a creative community space in Beirut welcoming both youth and adults.

You can read about her journey so far in the authoring section of the Story of the Book.

You can reach Hala through intothedanceoflife @
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